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Why should you read the words I write?

By definition I’m not an expert on anything. Sure, I’ve read more than 15 books on how-to-write-screenplays-for-Hollywood, but I’ve never sold any of the five that I’ve written (and rewritten, and rewritten). I have a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts in English with a concentration in creative writing, which essentially means I write pretty. So if you like pretty then there you go. But unless you count the whole of my 40 years on this planet, then I have not put 10,000 hours in to writing pretty and there are much prettier writers out there than me.

So why this? Why me? Why now?

I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his guest was Mike Huckabee who was promoting his new book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.” As Mike Huckabee continued to talk about Bubbles vs. Bubbas, painting those who live in Washington D.C., New York city, and Los Angeles as out of touch (i.e. liberal elites) with the rest of the “fly over states”, Jon Stewart made every attempt to help Mike understand that he was in his own bubble.

But Mike just wasn’t getting it.

I have talked with friends, neighbors, and ideological opponents as of late about these bubbles and how divisive they can be. On that, Mike and I agree. But the bubbles are everywhere and the Bubbas are trapped in them as well. From your local church, to your fellow classmates, to your work crew and, yes, your political affiliation, everyone, everywhere is a “Bubba in a Bubble.” Some of the bubbles, like a Venn Diagram, overlap and create conglomerates that are either too big to recognize from the outside or are so enveloping as to seem to be the entire world in which we live in. And the only way in which to end the divisiveness, if that is what we choose to do (and it is what I choose to do), is to pop the bubbles and release the Bubbas within.

Bubbas in Bubbles (BiBs?) is me, a middle-class, left-leaning, Hoosier with a family of four (soon to be five), a mortgage, student loans, medical bills and more work history on his application than years on the planet, trying to pop his bubble, her bubble, your bubble and their bubbles, so that maybe we can all make some progress as a species. You can follow me here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Fair warning, I will make no apologies for things taken out of context nor the things to which one chooses to take offense. Also if you wish to comment, and I do welcome all, remember that this is “My Bubble” and if I choose to be offended by your comments I may also choose to burst your bubble and delete them.


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