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Daily Bubble 1/26/15: The Media Bubble

Media Bubble


The media exists in its own bubble, while also creating bubbles for the rest of us. The media is not just the news, though it’s often what we think of when we here the term, it’s the means of communication we use to reach and influence (bubble) a large audience. When you hear words like “liberal media”, “corporate media”, “independent media” and “media elites”, they’re terms we’re using to try to describe the bubble that media is in.

For example, in the video above is the local news media out of Indianapolis covering a story that my local newspaper chose to ignore. The obvious question would be: Why would one news outlet cover the story and another choose to ignore it?

Their bubble.

Before I elaborate I need to explain my own bubble on this one. I know the family in the video. When I was a teen mentor I worked with Cheryl Jackson’s kids. Since the news of her brother’s death and the subsequent mishandling of the investigation I have attended several rallies to help put pressure on local law enforcement. I want this story put in front of as many people as possible because every time I share one little bit fact – that the gun used to kill Cheryl’s brother was the same used to kill the wife of one of his stepsons. Both were ruled homicides. If that doesn’t throw up red flags then you should stay indoors with your lights off and windows locked 24/7, because the world is far too dangerous for you.

So why did one news media outlet’s bubble lead them to run the story and the other choose to ignore it? If you read my previous post about religion then you know that I believe we are all motivated by just two things: ideology and fear. What motivated these two news outlets? One is a local news affiliate for a broadcast network motivated primarily by ratings. The more interest people show in a story the more they’re going to cover it. It might be the fear of losing their audience to competitors that motivates them to cover a story that continues to have a large amount of interest. The other is a small local paper that was built on a conservative ideology. Local politics are dominated by conservative ideas and the paper most likely does not want to shit where it eats. The paper hasn’t ignored the story entirely, no. But it has continued to be very selective in what it covers and how – which is my point.

The media bubble is not meant to inform you. The media bubble is meant to entertain you. It must first get your attention before it can deliver the facts. Today we have more access to information than in any point in human history and everyone, including me, is trying to get your attention so we can tell you what we want to tell you so that you’ll do what we want to you to do. It’s really that simple.

Now, what I want you do to do is leave a comment. Tell me your thoughts about media – local or otherwise. Tell me what you think about this story. That’s all I want. That’s all I need.

That and the winning lottery numbers.




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