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Daily Bubble 1/28/15: Media Bubble

Media Bubble




Apparently the media bubble has become so big and so diverse that anyone can have their own news outlet (said the blogger), including a conservative governor in a red state.

State ran news is nothing new, not even in the U.S. But what makes the story interesting is that an extremely conservative Republican like Mike Pence, who sees communism under his bed every night, would initiate such a propaganda tool in state that pretty much takes everything he says as gospel regardless. When you contrast that with the fact that Senate Democrats just filibustered the Keystone XL bill (that would have been vetoed according to the President) after pissing and moaning about all the filibustering the Republicans have done since 2009 you come away with a clear sense that every politician wants to spin the news because if we actually called their actions as we saw them (childish, spiteful, tyrannical, incompetent) we would toss them all out of office, right?

But then we’d have to pay attention.

And that’s the flipside of the Media Bubble: Outside looking elsewhere.

For more than a decade now we haven’t had a single news item that has held our attention for more than two weeks. And more and more news outlets are competing for are constantly shrinking attention. Remember Ebola? Remember Benghazi? Remember Sandy Hook? Remember…what were we talking about?

It’s no wonder then that we find one news source and stick to it faithfully, because who has time to sort through all the rhetoric and bullshit. I mean, when I come home from a 10 hour day I don’t have time to watch the news (except The Daily Show on demand) nor write a blog (sorry I missed yesterday). That’s a lot on the plate.

But here is why we have to pop this bubble.

Life is hard, Lauren.

And it’s only going to get harder if we don’t deal with this shit now. The easiest way to get around the Media Bubble is to get outside your own bubble and talk to people who don’t agree with everything you believe. That coworker who thinks everyone should have gun (or twenty) or that in-law who wants single payer universal healthcare, are both news resources that are almost as reliable as what passes for journalism today. Talk to them about what you read on Facebook, saw on Fox News, or heard on Bob and Tom. Be sure to QUESTION their understanding of the news item and your own. I bet if the difference interests you enough you’ll actually do a bit more digging. If not, then it probably wasn’t that important (i.e. deflate gate).

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