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Education Bubble

Originally Posted at: What’s happening at the Statehouse Home of Vic’s Statehouse Notes Indiana General Assembly Contact your state legislators Vic’s Statehouse Notes #201 – February 12, 2015 Dear Friends, Put this bill in the category of “Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse for Public Education”! Yesterday afternoon (Feb. 11th) the Senate […]

The Police Bubble

“The case hinged on a claim that Brown had rushed and pummeled Wilson who fired his gun in self- defense. After the decision, it was revealed that the female witness who made that claim had lied. She was not in the area during the shooting and had a history of both racism and inserting herself […]

Liberal Bubble Those of us on the left love to make fun of those on the right who deny climate change because the first thing they seem to say is, “I’m not a scientist,…” and unlike when someone says, “I’m not a racist, but…” the words that follow do not prove them to be what they […]