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Liberal Bubble

liberal bubble


Those of us on the left love to make fun of those on the right who deny climate change because the first thing they seem to say is, “I’m not a scientist,…” and unlike when someone says, “I’m not a racist, but…” the words that follow do not prove them to be what they claim they’re not.


So why is it when those of us on the left who are not doctors believe we know more about the healthcare of our children than a physician?

“Vaccine-refusers see themselves as experts on their own children and question the relevance of public health claims that vaccines are necessary for all children,” said [Jennifer} Reich. “They trust that “mother’s intuition,” alongside their own personal research, is the best way to protect their children from potential harm.” (see above link)

The article goes on to say that these “findings suggest women with more time, education, and resources claim greater freedom to reject public health interventions…” But we’re not seeing parents on the right doing this sort of thing. Where are the rich, SAHM, Republicans with time to kill? Could it be more than a wifi connection and the ability to read and comprehend (sorry, Republicans/Conservatives, easy shot) that separates the anti-vaxxers from…moderately intelligent people?


It’s called: Moral (self)Righteousness.

Here’s an example. Remember that “street harassment” video of the young lady walking for 10 hours (edited down to 1min 56seconds) that had everyone talking for a minute? I got into a heated online debate with a long time friend over the fact that I thought that asking men to avoid saying, “Hello,” to a strange woman was a bridge too far. I pointed out that there were three guys in the video who’s intent seemed innocent and, while they may have only said hello because they found her physically attractive (pretty fucking presumptious if you ask me), in no way should the editor of that video be equating a “hello” to street harassment. Now, my long time friend, and many of the other left-leaning commentators in this debate, made it clear that I suffered from male-privilege-bias by referring to my comments as douchie. Many of them felt that men should not say “hello” to any strange woman on the street…ever.

Now, I’m kind of thick skinned. I can take what I dish out, but as the comments seemed to be more of a personal attack on me, I began to wonder why my fellow liberals felt the need to have 100% agreement of their opinion on this matter. And then this happened.

Last weekend I was celebrating my birthday (officially middle-aged now) and my wife and I were telling our kids that as we aged we began to discover that the things we thought we knew, like the right and wrong way to do anything, didn’t necessarily hold. And as we explained this, my 13 year-old son, who does very well in school, began his usual, “yeah, yeah, we know” bit, to which I replied, “You’re at that age where you think you know it all, but…” and before I could finish, I heard my own teenage rebuttal from decades ago, cut me off.

“I know that I don’t know everything.”

Sounds thoughtful.

It’s not.

It’s the passive aggressive trump card of the over-informed and under-experienced (sorry, son – keep living and learning, daddy loves you). Or, the morally (self) righteous.

You see, the morally (self)righteous, often synonymous with the “liberal douche,” thoroughly believe that their entire self-value is based on their intellect and because they have to measure their dicks brains like everyone else they cannot be wrong. Ever. They will either beat you down until you agree with them, or they will admit that you’re both saying the same thing but different.

liberal douche

It is the Liberal Bubble and it needs to be popped.

Pop that motherfucker. Pop it, now.

Leave comments. Don’t leave comments. Either way, I’m better than you.


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